Cherry Blossom Packages

For a limited time only, this deal will run until 4/20/2021.

Preparing for your wedding just got a lot easier. We will try to make this effortless for you as much as possible by providing everything you will need for a smooth pre-wedding photoshoot package.

We understand you may have a personal choice for a photographer, that’s why we will leave photography out of our package. You are more than welcome to hire your own photographer if you have one in mind, or we can provide you with some of our recommendations. This will be a separate charge between you and the photographer.

The basic package is done at our location in Manassas Park, Virginia. You will have to come and pick out your dress and bouquet. Makeup and hair will also be done when you arrive. After your shooting session is done, you will have to return all the equipment and accessories by the end of the day.

The premium package covers a lot more. You will have a choice with up to 3 wedding dresses for your session. Hair/Makeup/Accessories/Bouquet are also included. What is extra from this package is you do not have to come to our place to pick up the dresses and accessories, or even for makeup and hair do, we can meet you at the location of choice or your house to prepare first. And finally the hours that we dedicate to attend the shooting session with you. We will help you change into different dresses between sessions. We will touch up on your makeup and hair, and help you layout the dress before the picture is taken. We will also transport all equipment and accessories to and from the event.

Please note, location must be in the Northern Virginia and D.C area. Please contact us for availability if your location is out of the Northern Virginia or D.C area.

Cherry Blossom Photoshoot Package (BASIC)
  • – 1 wedding dress for the day
  • – Makup, Hair & Accessories
  • – Bouquet for bride
Cherry Blossom Photoshoot Package (PREMIUM)
  • – Up to 3 wedding dresses for the day
  • – Makeup, Hair & Accessories
  • – Bouquet for bride
  • – Transporting equipment/accessories
  • – 3 hour shooting session with customer