Bridal Makeup & Hair

When you book a combo of bridal makeup & hair, we will cover everything! By that we mean, all hair accessories and crowns are included for you to select from, or we can chose what will be the best match for your day based on your outfit. Our accessories are always top notch as what our business was meant to be.

Aside from that, we will also take photos during the makeup session and make them available for you to use if needed since most makeup & hair sessions start very early.

Wedding Dresses

To see our current collection, you will have to make an appointment with us. Only our “Rental Collection” is available in the link below.

Here’s the special, when you buy a wedding dress from us, you will also get a free wedding dress or evening gown rental from our rental collection. This is perfect for brides that want to wear multiple dresses either for pre-wedding photoshoot or for 2 days of events.

Offer ends 12/31/2021